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Sourcescrub Firefox Extension

The Sourcescrub web extension for Mozilla Firefox enhances your deal sourcing efforts by showing you only relevant data on companies.
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Manage Your M&A Pipeline in Firefox

A distillation of company information for an enhanced discovery process

Accelerated Due-Diligence

Within the Sourcescrub Firefox Extension, quickly demonstrate the metrics and validity of a business during the evaluation process of a management meeting so you can make strategic recommendations and enhance your deal flow.

Sourcescrub platform

Company Details Directly From the Website

Find relevant data including employee counts, job count overlays, investment data, contact details for executives, and conference attendance information, all within the clean display of the Sourcescrub Firefox Extension. Evaluate key data points in minutes to better inform strategic planning and pinpoint the right target investment opportunities.

Sourcescrub platform

On-Demand Research

Focus your attention on driving relationships and closing deals with more effective deal flow tools. If you find a list or company not in our database, leverage our team of 500+ researchers and procure the details on-demand — all with the click of a button.

Sourcescrub platform

Direct CRM Integrations

Send company information directly into SalesForce and SugarCrm Accounts, Leads, and Contacts with our unique CRM integration tools. Several metrics are portable from the Sourcescrub Firefox Extension, including employee counts, growth data and emails for executives.

Sourcescrub platform

Never Miss a Deal

Sourcescrub gives dealmakers the most complete, accurate, and connected view of private markets available so they see more opportunities and win more often.
Over 700 companies see higher returns