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The Fastest-Growing Industries and Private Companies in the 2023 Inc. 5000

Dive in 2023 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing industries & private companies

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August 29, 2023

Being part of the Inc. 5000 is an honor for any company. It signifies rapid and consistent scalability, with this year's honorees ranging from nearly doubling their growth to the top spot claiming a staggering 157,144% 3-year growth rate.

Inc. publishes these private companies' names, growth rates, locations, and industries "but dealmakers need a lot more information to determine whether an organization fits their investment criteria. Today's market is also extremely fragmented and impossible to accurately segment using traditional classification methods.

So, to help dealmakers learn more about and better sort through the highest-growth companies within this year's list, we decided to run it through our deal sourcing platform. The platform connects data from across tens of thousands of sources to generate highly accurate, fresh, and complete private company profiles.

By combining this information with our sophisticated classification algorithm, we're able to apply more flexible and precise industry designations that allow for companies to belong to multiple industries based on their complete range of markets and activities. Next we used Sourcescrub's custom scoring to rank all the businesses on the list based on a number of factors and data signals proven to indicate private company growth trajectory and investment readiness. Last but not least, we sorted the companies in each industry by 3-month growth rate.

Below, we list five of the industries featuring the highest concentration of private companies on Inc.'s 2023 5000 list, as well as provide descriptions for the top five fastest growing companies within each category. Let's dive in!

The 5 Fastest-growing Companies Across 5 Top Industries

Computer & Network Security

Computer & network security includes companies that focus on cybersecurity, though some have branched out to offer hosting and other IT services. In an increasingly digitally-risky world "and with artificial intelligence (AI) advancing by leaps and bounds that will likely prove to both hinder and help cybersecurity "it's no surprise that many of the fastest-growing companies are the ones helping others lower their risk:


Bigscoots provides web hosting, server management, cloud storage, and cybersecurity services. The company-managed hosting service provider and WordPress-centric offering adds value through its extensive domain knowledge, vertical focus, highly automated services, proprietary infrastructure, and technical know-how.

HEROIC Holdings

An IT services and consulting company, HEROIC Holdings combines enterprise cybersecurity features into a platform that helps individuals find if their credentials have been stolen and provide resources to help them protect their data, devices, and cloud services from cyber attacks.

Surelock Technology

Surelock Technology provides mid-sized to large-scale businesses with innovative tech solutions for operating systems, databases, and expansive computer networks. It offers its technology customer care to businesses as well as government and educational institutions.


Vaultes provides both federal and commercial clients with solutions to help with compliance audits and risk assessments. With their technical expertise, trusted methodologies, and specialized training, they help their customers with IT staff augmentation, cybersecurity consulting, and training programs to mitigate cybersecurity risks and adhere to government framework compliance regulations.


Vertex11 has a team of highly experienced experts that specialize in delivering world-class cybersecurity solutions to organizations on an international scale. Their services include cybersecurity consulting, program development, solution implementation, data protection, organizational design, and risk management.

Computer Software

While computer software may seem like a broad category, it does help to differentiate companies that offer software from those that offer developer services or other technology-related products. What is particularly interesting about the companies that fall into this category within the 2023 Inc. 5000 list is that a large portion of them focus on some aspect of the real estate industry, from financial wellness and mortgages to property management software:

Embark Safety

Embark Safety's fleet risk management platform is designed to help clients achieve their risk management and fleet safety objectives. The company provides a platform that continuously checks driving records and notifies users when new suspensions and violations show up. It also offers online driver training and enables businesses to identify and track irregular driving patterns to prevent dangerous and costly accidents from happening, improve road safety, mitigate risk, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

LodeStar Software Solutions

LodeStar Software Solutions specializes in web-based compliance tools for the mortgage and title insurance industries. The company provides products and services that create clarity for mortgages, leverage connectivity among all parties to the transaction, and help build a sustainable community of industry professionals.

NXT GEN Technologies

NXT GEN Technologies develops business solutions, mobile workforce apps, and systems integrations for the insurance claims management industry. It provides innovative, scalable, and simple-to-manage secure solutions and services to help empower corporations through technology.


PayHOA is modern software for homeowners associations and association managers that offers homeowners the ability to make online payments, view payment history, access important documents, submit requests, and update contact information.

UltimateTax Service

UltimateTax Service provides tax software and year-round assistance to make tax preparation as convenient and easy as possible for growing tax professionals.


Few things are as constant as the need for healthcare, and finding ways to make it more affordable, efficient, and accessible is a key concern for many. That's why we're not surprised to see healthcare on our list "but what is interesting is the number of featured dental companies. Two of the top five offer dental-related services with many of the rest in the 2023 Inc. 5000 list following suit:

Aligned Dental Partners (ADP)

Aligned Dental Partners is a dental consulting company that works with emerging DSOs, group practices, and entrepreneurial dentists. The company supports the business of dentistry and has successfully built, operated, and transitioned dentist-owned and dentist-led groups to accomplish it.

Lollipop Dental Pediatric Dentistry

Lollipop Dental Pediatric Dentistry provides pediatric and orthodontics services with several locations in the greater Los Angeles, California area. They offer quality dental services to children of all ages, from infants to teens.

Psychology Specialists of Maine

Psychology Specialists of Maine is a group of experienced psychologists who offer outpatient behavioral health services for adults and couples. The company provides premarital counseling as well as treatments for depression, personality, and panic disorders.

Rising Hope Counseling

Rising Hope Counseling is a mental health management company that provides services across the US. Their mission is to remove barriers and increase access to quality mental health services, especially in rural communities.

Trillion Health & Hormone

Trillion Health & Hormone is a medical health company that offers cutting-edge treatments in hormone therapy, women's medical health, and medical aesthetics to help women be the best version of themselves. It offers gynecology, hormone therapy, sexual medicine, and medical aesthetics across its three locations in Nebraska.

Information Services & Technology

Another populous industry in the 2023 Inc. 5000 is information services & technology. The consulting companies in this list offer their services across many other industries and provide advice, expertise, and development services, including software development as well as data analysis and technical support:

Anura Solutions

Anura Solutions is a digital marketing and ad fraud prevention company that helps companies identify bad traffic. It uses various metrics and offers a detailed analytics dashboard to provide proof of fraud while monitoring traffic to identify real users versus bots, malware, and human fraud.


Dane provides computing solutions and advisory services to multiple federal and commercial clients, including the Department of State and the U.S. Army. Their services include custom application development and solutions such as database design, software design and development, system engineering and integration, and technology support.

Oak Rocket

Oak Rocket is an IT business technology consulting and services firm that delivers cloud adoption, cost optimization, digital transformation, and professional services. Originally focused on AWS, the firm has branched out to include other platforms with a diverse customer base across the globe.

Systems Integration Specialists (SIS)

Systems Integration Specialists, Inc. (SIS) is a Columbus-based technology consulting firm that specializes in providing retail, supply chain, and business process management solutions to help solve the most challenging retail and manufacturing problems for their customers.

Triwave Solutions

Triwave Solutions provides product development, IT consulting, DevOps, cloud computing, and big data analytics services to customers across the US. From improving IT performance and service delivery to helping manage IT costs, the consulting firm ensures their customers succeed in building their infrastructure and reducing risk.

Renewables & Environment

Private equity recently sharpened its focus on impact investing and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. The business world as a whole has also increased its attention on combating the effects and causes of climate change and other global trends in the past few years. In this year's list, the majority of the companies that fall into this category offer products and services related to solar in some way. The few outliers range from manufacturing semiconductors to providing engineering services:

BOW Renewables

BOW Renewables offers a targeted, customized approach to renewable energy solutions by manufacturing renewable energy semiconductors. The company specializes in project development and helps their customers seamlessly integrate solar power in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.

Castillo Engineering Services

Castillo Engineering Services is a solar PV engineering firm that delivers expertise in full-service (array, electrical, structural, medium & high voltage) solar PV and energy storage design, engineering, and consulting services. The company offers services for residential, industrial, commercial, and utility projects.

Firefly Solar

Firefly Solar provides residential and commercial solar panel installation services as a vertically integrated solar company. Their end-to-end services include onsite assessment, roofing needs, solar panel installation, solar battery storage, and smart home integration.

Senga Energy

Senga Energy is a residential solar installer based in California. They provide a number of services including integrated solar, battery, and roofing solutions, in-home energy consultations, professional installation, and performance monitoring to help homeowners save money on electricity.


Sunlogix is a solar installation business that aims to help homeowners and businesses save on costly utilities by installing high-efficiency solar panel systems and solar energy batteries. Operating within the Coachella Valley and Orange County areas in California, the company provides end-to-end solutions including consultation, installation, and solar energy storage.

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